Phanta Max Super-Fidelity DNA Polymerase (P505)

Phanta Max Super-Fidelity DNA Polymerase (P505)

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Phanta Max Tremendous-Fidelity DNA Polymerase is a remarkably efficient and correct enzyme created for apps that involve high-fidelity DNA amplification. This polymerase is perfect for use in PCR, cloning, and various molecular biology methods wherever precision and trustworthiness are paramount.

Important Functions
1. Super-Fidelity

Overview: Phanta Max Super-Fidelity DNA Polymerase presents Fantastic precision, noticeably reducing the mistake amount all through DNA amplification.
Profit: This superior-fidelity element is very important for purposes for instance cloning, mutagenesis, and sequencing, where by even minimal problems can result in considerable concerns.
2. Higher Performance

Overview: The enzyme displays substantial processivity, enabling speedy and efficient DNA synthesis.
Benefit: This ends in shorter reaction instances and higher yields, producing the polymerase ideal for demanding and time-delicate initiatives.
3. Strong Effectiveness

Overview: Phanta Max is formulated to deliver reputable general performance throughout a wide array of templates and situations.
Profit: It assures consistent benefits, even with intricate or GC-abundant templates, maximizing the flexibility within your experiments.
4. Prolonged Fragment Amplification

Overview: Effective at amplifying prolonged DNA fragments up to 40 kb from genomic DNA.
Gain: This capability is especially useful for programs demanding the amplification of large genomic areas.
Polymerase Chain Response (PCR)

Use Circumstance: Amplifying DNA for different downstream apps such as cloning, sequencing, and Examination.
Edge: The high-fidelity and efficiency of Phanta Max guarantee precise and strong PCR outcomes.
Cloning and Mutagenesis

Use Situation: Making exact DNA fragments for cloning into vectors or creating certain mutations.
Edge: Minimizes the chance of faults during amplification, supplying trustworthy constructs for even more experiments.
Upcoming-Technology Sequencing (NGS)

Use Scenario: Planning libraries for NGS.
Edge: Substantial-fidelity amplification lessens the introduction of sequencing faults, improving upon data quality.
Gene Synthesis

Use Circumstance: Synthesizing extensive and complicated genes for practical scientific studies or therapeutic programs.
Advantage: The polymerase’s ability to amplify extensive DNA fragments makes sure the productive synthesis of huge genes.
Protocol and Utilization
one. Reaction Setup

Template DNA: Commonly 10 ng for plasmid or 100 ng for genomic DNA.
Primers: 0.two µM Every single.
dNTPs: 200 µM each.
Phanta Max Tremendous-Fidelity DNA Polymerase: 1 device for each fifty µL reaction.
Buffer: Equipped Along with the enzyme, p505 guarantee appropriate focus as per manufacturer’s Recommendations.
MgCl₂: Included in the buffer or included individually if specified.
two. Thermal Cycling Conditions

First Denaturation: ninety five°C for three minutes.
Denaturation: ninety five°C for 30 seconds.
Annealing: fifty five-sixty five°C for thirty seconds (improve depending on primer Tm).
Extension: 72°C for 1 moment per kb of concentrate on.
Last Extension: seventy two°C for 5 minutes.
Cycle Variety: Usually twenty five-35 cycles, according to template complexity and abundance.
3. Optimization Strategies

Template Quality: Make sure the DNA template is of significant purity to stay away from inhibitors that would have an affect on the polymerase’s general performance.
Primer Design and style: Use primers using a Tm in two-3°C of p505 each other for best annealing.
Mg²⁺ Concentration: Modify Mg²⁺ focus if important to optimize yield and specificity.
Phanta Max Tremendous-Fidelity DNA Polymerase (P505) is a complicated tool for high-precision DNA amplification. Its super-fidelity, effectiveness, and sturdy general performance allow it to be ideal for a wide array of molecular biology apps, making sure reputable and precise success. Regardless if you are engaged on cloning, gene synthesis, or next-generation sequencing, Phanta Max offers the precision and reliability required to attain your analysis ambitions.

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